Fly fishing in Jakobselv


Fish salmon in one of Norway´s best rivers

Fly fishing in Jakobselv. Fish salmon in one of Norway´s best rivers, if not the best. Since 2010 the river has been one of Norway´s best rivers. The salmon stock contains mostly smal and medium sized fish. But also a few big ones. You can even find trot in this river.

The river begins on Varangerhalvøya and goes out to the fjord. The river is surrounded by beautiful nature on it´s way down the fjord. Tough open landscape in the upper parts to waterfalls in the valley. This river is parted in five sones. Where our licenses apply to all sones, and you can chose where you would like to fish.

If you like more information visit elveguiden here.

Map over the best fishing spots along the Jakobselv river.

We have put together a map of all our best fishing spots. Explore the map below.

Fly fishing with a guide

If you want to get the most out of your fly fishing trip to Finnmark we would recommend a hike with one of our guides. They know the river, where there is fish, and what works. If you are lucky they might share some of there secrets with you.

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