Scootersafari in north Norway an exiting experience

Scootersafari in north Norway is something for the you that like an adrenalin kick. The open landscape creates great possibilities to play in the snow. Together with Barents Arctic Explorer, Jakobselvkaia gives you the opportunity to come with us on a Scooter safari. This is a package where you get the opportunity to join experienced people and see Finnmark form a new angel.


Scootersafari – Short trips

Short scootersafari in north Norway

This includes

  • Minimum 4 persones
  • 2 hours
  • Safety course
  • Guide (We have one guide for each sixth person.)
  • warm drinks and something to eat.

Price: 990kr each person

Scootersafari – Longer trip

Longer Scootersafari a bigger experience

If you like to book a longer trip your welcome to contact us. So that we can figure out what kind of trip and price range that works for you. The possibilities are many wand we want to find the best solution for you.


One possibility is to drive from Jakobselv to Bådsfjord/Kongsfjord and back. The trip can be done in one day, but we would recomend an overnight stay.

If this sounds like something for you, contact us for more information.


Jakobselvkaia Scottertur Finnmark

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