Play golf in the north of Norway

Golf I Finnmark

Would you like to play golf in North Norway? Here you can have a unique golf experience. Not far from Jakobselvkaia you´ll find Varanger golfpark.

Playing golf under the midnight sun

The perfect place for any golf enthusiast, with years of experience. Where technique and precision are muscle memory. The ones that knows they´re home court and want a new challenge. Or the ones who like to try new things and thinks golf sound fun. Who knows maybe you’re a real talent, or maybe you got some beginners luck? If you’re a beginner with or without luck, or you’re a pro golfer. Does not change the fact that you will have a great experience in unique nature. 

If you haven´t played golf in north Norway before this could be a real exotic experience. If you are lucky you might get the chance to play under the midnight sun. Or you might get the opportunity to play with some local golfers? Varanger golfklubb contains of a Groupe enthusiastic people. What differs them from other golfers is that they know how to appreciate the moment. This do to the fact that there court is covered in snow a Hugh part of the year. 

Facts about the golfpark 

Facts about the golfpark. Varanger golfpark was upgraded in 2016. The facilities got artificial grass greener on most whole´s. This golfpark has nine holes, with the length of 120meters to 443meters. It´s both red, blue and yellow tee. The wholes vary when it comes to length, there are also water hindrance or/also bunkers in play on every whole. As if that wasn´t enough the court got a new drive entrance, with 8 rash where 4 of this are under roof. 

If you like to know more, you can check Varanger golfpark website here. 

Photo: Bjarne Riesto

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